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Get responses feelings
from responders humans


Contact Form

Getting Complete communication information of the people.

Course Feedback Form

To understand how students enjoyed and learned in the course

Job Application Form

Collect the complete details of candidate.

Customer Feedback

To Know how much our customer's are satisified.

Employee Satisfaction Form

To know how much the employee satisfied in their Job.

General Event feedback

To get seminar's feedback and impact.

Website Feedback Form

To get feedbacks from the visitors of our website.

General Meeting Feedback

Ask your colleagues about their feelings and understand about....

Registration Form

Know the details of the registering member.

Suggestions Form

Ask people which area to be changed or Updated.

Seminar Feedbacks

Ask your students the value they understood from the held seminar

Customer Satisfaction

To get customer's view on our company


Survey Builder

Create surveys/forms with 9 different types of questions which are commonly used for collecting responses. In our form builder you can control your form access level to the responders like whether they can view your results or not, are they allowed to give multiple answers or not, whether questions of your form gets shuffled or not.


Predesigned templates with suitable themes are available to reduce your typing work, It consist of 30+ surveys in the categories of Feedbacks, Education, Health, Registration, Food, Tours & Travels, Applications.

Preview survey

Before publishing your form, you can view your form as how the responders will view your form when you share it to them, so that you can correct if any changes required. For error free forms we are providing this feature to you.

Offline form builder

Native form builder allow you to build your forms without internet and save it in offline forms. When you access the internet you can submit your form with just one click to that saved form.

Instant Notifications

Get instantly notified for your responses the moment your responder clicks the submit button. Live notifications enable you to be updated in realtime. you can also get summarised result instantly with that newly arrived responses.

Summarised Responses

Summary of your responses will be shown in realtime basis. Summarized charts are prepared immediately after response submitted. Get an error free results instantly for your surveys.

Export your record

Your survey results can be exported for filing and recording purpose. you can export this results as excels.


Your forms should be readable to the responders, it increases your response rate so we are providing themes to your forms for good readability. You can choose themes related to your survey content.

About Us

"We are striving to provide a stable and simple solution to build forms and conduct surveys for Users across multiple platforms"